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Started: 2/7/2011 2:16 PM
Picture Placeholder: Stephanie Fontenot
Stephanie Fontenot
batch notes by individual
When I attempted to do a batch note to my elk  but an individual note on each instead of my usual "blanket" to all notation; it does not change the local ID # at the top of the page, which makes it look like it is asking you to input the note for that animal again. (As if the note did not register). However, it does indicate that you have entered one notation and that you have 3 left (if on 4 animals).
Anyone else noticed this?
Posted: 2/8/2011 10:03 AM
Picture Placeholder: FBA_Member:isis_dublin
This is happening for me too - though it does add the note properly to each animal, having just the first animal at the top of the page is really confusing - I wasn't even sure it was working!  I've submitted it as a bug.
- Elisabeth