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Edited: 12/6/2010 8:51 PM
Picture: Joshua Courteau
Joshua Courteau
ZIMS text size

Also, most browsers support the “ctrl” and “+” or “-“ keys to increase/decrease screen magnification!  Easy!


From: Elisabeth Hunt
Posted At: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:23 PM
Posted To: ISIS Members - ZIMS Discussion
Conversation: ZIMS text size - from Deanna Snell
Subject: ZIMS text size - from Deanna Snell


from Deanna Snell, Calgary Zoo: "ZIMS tip if you haven’t heard it before but want to share? My health techs immediately noticed the text size of the ZIMS verbage (none of us are getting any younger if you know what I mean), I then went into View Zoom and increased to 110% (or whatever you want) and it works like a hot dang. I tried editing the text size from medium to large but that didn’t effect the verbage size. If you already figured this out, never mind."