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Started: 2/1/2011 4:04 PM
Picture: Michele Peters
Michele Peters
Problems with data migration
Some data from users’ ARKS application is not moving correctly into the ZIMS application. There may be many causes for these issues. We are working to resolve as many as possible.
  • ISIS developers are making changes to the process we use to migrate data from the ARKS application to ZIMS. For some of the migration errors, we will be able to re-run the migration process and resolve them – about 20% of known data errors.
  • We are looking at ways to shift some of our development team’s priorities so that we can free up time for one or two them to work on the individual records that have been identified and need to be cleaned up in our members’ data. 
  • We are developing a data quality campaign to help resolve the issues with the 72,000 animals that we were not able to migration from the global database. 
In the meantime, the deployment team will work with institutions as they go live to assess their data and make a decision on whether they wish to continue to go live, or wait for some of the above changes to be made before they begin using ZIMS live in their institutions.